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In construction, ugly and pretty cost the same. For the price of a toilet, you can build a well designed space. Spec Binder's flat rate pricing makes great design easy and affordable.


  • Design Concepts & Mood boards
  • 3D Renderings or Reference Photos
  • Wall Elevations
  • Material Finish Specifications
  • Fully Sourced Material List
  • Installation Documents & Keys
  • 30 Min 1-on-1 homeowner design support


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  • (1) Set of Concept Designs
  • (1) Set of Material Boards
  • Accent Wall Pairings
  • 4 Brand Specific Paint Schedules for Behr, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Farrow & Ball
  • 30 Min 1-on-1 homeowner design support


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Homeowners can get 1-on-1 phone support with our team of experienced interior designers.

  • Additional support for contractors is free
  • Homeowners receive 30 minutes of complementary 1-on-1 phone support with our team of experienced interior designers with every purchase. Additional phone support can also be purchased below.

PRICE: $175/hr

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Contractors are encouraged to register their credentials with us, free of charge, for a Contractor Code that will entitle them to the following benefits:

  • 10% off all purchases
  • 20% referral fee on any purchases made using their code. Customers using a referral code will also receive a 10% discount
  • FREE unlimited phone support

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The One-Stop Shop for Great Designs

The Spec Binder is the go-to place for ready-made designer-curated renovation plans. With pre-sourced materials, stylish designs, and easy-to-install documents, you'll be able to turn your projects around quickly and affordably.

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Why It's Great

Save Time & Money

Our pre-sourced material list makes it easy to send to your suppliers and get what you need for the project quickly and affordably.

Stylish Designs

We understand that homeowners want quality designs that will make their homes look amazing. Our designer curated plans will help you create stunning projects that you will love.

Easy To Install Documents

Our documents are complete with all the details needed to install each project correctly. This means no more tedious researching or guessing what materials are needed. Just follow our plans and you’ll be done in no time!

Affordable Solution

No more hiring a designer for thousands of dollars just to get your renovation done. Our plans give you an affordable solution that is quick, easy and cost effective without sacrificing quality or style.

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